To save a kidnapped half-drow, our heroes trek across Faerun on an adventure they had never imagined.

An internal power struggle from the plane of Fire spills over into the Calimshan desert. A dracolich hides and hunts among the goblins of Chult. A twisted group of dark fey take half-breeds prisoner for their own dark uses. As the group of adventurers delve deeper into finding the lost, they risk becoming lost themselves…

The Temple of Helm in Baldur’s Gate has corruption spilling from the catacombs. Vash trades his soul in service to a demon get his tormented soul back from the Abyss. Erthyll allows the corruption of the heart and soul to permeate his veins as he takes a corrupted nymph as a lover. Phoenix is torn between adventure, freedom, and his father’s fiery wrath. Alexander watches as the laws he learned as a child are upended, the faith he had put to the ultimate test. Milo finds that there might be more to steal than just a few baubles.

Nature seeks that which / Stands halfway between
Use fire against fire / Against the Unseen

All elements are one / All aligned are none

All Hells / In chaos unite!
The Abyss finds Law / On the Eternal Night

All elements are one / All aligned are none

The gods are blind / Those chosen by choice
Forever will be silenced / Losing their voice

All elements are one / All aligned are none

The deepest port / The elven isle
All destroyed / but for Tymora’s smile

All elements are one / All aligned are none

Eight men stand / Four women fall
The living dead / The dead see all

This campaign runs weekly on Sundays at 1:30pm in Pensacola, FL.

By the Light of Selune

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