By the Light of Selune

What is happening to me

Ever since I began praying to release Shar’s hold on the Temple of Helm in Baldur’s Gate, strange things have been happening. First off, when Erthyll came in to tell me they were going, I knew someone was coming before he walked in. I attributed it to me perhaps hearing something without realizing it. Then, when we met up with the rest of the party, it was like I could feel approximately where most of them were in relation to me. Vash especially I could tell where he was the others (except Gigadi) I could tell someone was there but not who. In the next room, we found someone’s pet, a displacer beast named “Kitty.” Instead of feeling anger toward it and it’s master (one of the Sharites invading the Temple), I felt a strange sort of bond with the animal. Erthyll seems to like the creature as well and adopted it. in the last room of the Catacombs, we found a mass slaughter of the Sharite priests by what could have been a beholder and a massive portal. Phoenix decided to waltz through the portal and was lucky I came after him immediately as there was a huge cliff just on the other side that I had to help keep him from falling off of. We found ourselves far up in the mountains of the north with no way back, and it was very, very cold. After getting off the cliff and walking for a few hours, we ran into a very powerful werewolf and his pack of wolves. Strangely enough, I was also able to the same sense of wrongness emanating from the werewolf as I had from my friends. Also, when the lycanthrope hit me the wounds he inflicted were not as serious as they should have been. I am not sure what is happening to me, but it is obviously for the good of Helm.

As Chaos Surrounds Us, We Must Be Ever More Vigilant

Have my friends gone nuts?

Vash sold his services indefinitely to a demon for an “easy” way of getting his soul back. I will have to watch him closely from now on. I have already seen some changes in him; hopefully, he will not fall under the demon’s control I would hate to have to put him down.

Phoenix tried to turn out the lights to allow some Shadows to kill us easer, though thankfully it seemed to be a temporary madness and the blow I gave him knocked some sense into him. After that, when we find that the twins who helped us in Calimport where actually succubi, Phoenix makes deals with them (though he seems to think otherwise). Then he expects us to trust them.

High Priest Michael insults Mask when he comes to give warning of the coming danger. Admittedly, the thief should have been more polite in his warnings, but perhaps he had no time for standard protocol.

Milo races across a room with an indeterminate number of Shadows in it and nearly gets killed by one of them. Fortunately, Sasanna was able to call down fire and burn it to oblivion before the vile beast could finish the job.

At least Erthyll is still reliable, I must admit I was concerned when I first saw the taint, but he remains rather unchanged. His bow is truly amazing at destroying undead and his aim is always true. We have learned, albeit through shady sources, that the necromancer he is hunting (who supposedly turned into a Lich) is one of the ones that desecrated the temple. As if there was not already enough reason to hunt down that lawless traitor.

Our newest member, Hamnoodle Gigidy Teren, has proven himself to be both a good companion and a trickster. A Gnomish Druid far from his homelands, he seems to have a level head on his shoulders most of the time. As long as he does not go too far with his pranks, he should be an excellent companion.

I have taken another task upon my shoulders, to desecrate Shaar’s blasphemy that was set up within the holy catacombs. Once this is done, I must seek out the High Priest in Waterdeep to warn him of the danger. The Vigilant One guide us all as we walk through these troubled times.

Strange Bedfellows
As more players show their hand, we cannot deny that Shaundukal has placed us all on roads to the same destination, but who's roads will lead through where, and what is our destination?

What a freaking day. If I would have known I’d have to fight hordes of undead with a hangover, I never would have drank so much the night before… Yeah right, who am I kidding. After daming up the endless river of undead and watching the pretty boy make a deal with a devil, we traveled further into the Catacombs of Helm. We didn’t get very far before Milo finally decided to catch up with us. It seems he had a hangover as well in the form of a weird little gnome with a ridiculous name. Hampoodle Biggity Blah, or whatever his name is, was a crass, goofy little trickster with an odd smell. This along with the fact that I’d have another hand at making fun of Vash and Erythll made me like him instantly. Oh yeah, his skills as a druid are kind of handy as well.

Once we got acquainted with our newest midget, we continued deeper downward encountering room after room of undead. At first we tried to clear all the rooms, but we almost underestimated one potential encounter after Hammy failed to see some shadows or wraiths that Milo’s tweaked-out flying music-box fortunately did. After that we had to square-off against a group of ghouls and mummies that almost got Milo. This was followed up by a surprise attack by some twisted ghosts of former clerics who we dispatched with ease. These corpses seemed to be corrupted with holy symbols of Shar! Holy crap-in-box this may be EVEN BIGGER than we imagined. After that, we took a brief rest and a huge meal before continuing. Between saving Milo from mummy rot and the feast, Erythll hot little gothic piece is pretty useful. As much as I wouldn’t mind, I don’t think I could bring myself to tap that though. I mean damn, Ertyhll is looking pretty rough these days. I think it’s his first and all, but I shouldn’t have to tell something 100 years older than me that some tail isn’t worth chasing. Only some though. Oh crap, I’m getting side tracked…

After our rest we found a room with several zombies with vestments of Shar standing in a circle. Several members of our party heard shadowy whispers and chants when sticking our head into the room. Pretty sure the zombies should have noticed our presence and attacked, but didn’t. Even when Erthyll and Alex jumped the gun and started attacking them, they still didn’t budge. About the time I strolled in to bail them out we realized there were shadows and wraiths in the room. One of the whispers went deep and convinced me to put try and snuff our light. While Erthyll and Alex were busy wasting time killing shit that wasn’t attacking us, the rest of the party wasn’t as inept. Sasanna lit up one of the wraiths and Milo did a shorty bum rush of light and illuminated the room to where the others couldn’t hide either. Awesome as his diminutive battlecry was, he almost got himself touched and hugged in a way that’s worse than his creepy uncle did back on the Shire. Luckily Feyboob the Black saved his ass again by putting a pillar of flaming vengance up his creepy ass.

After the whisper left my head and Erthyll and Alex stopped dillying around, we made short work of remaining shades. No matter what we did the undead did not attack. We slayed them for good measure and burned the vastments of Shar. In this room we also found a giant magic holy symbol of that vile witch set into the floor. It had to have been here for a while, but how did the Priests of Helm miss this?

More coming…..

The Cleansing has begun
Undead hordes and demons, Oh My!

This is unacceptable! My companions and I have descended into the initial sections of the Catacombs of Helm under Baldur’s Gate… Only to find horrifying scenes of slaughter and a horde of undead!

The first few rooms contained only horrifying remains of the valorous Priests who had fallen. The main foyer area however was far from empty… a small mob of undead (Skeletons, Zombies and Ghouls) were simply milling around in front of what appeared to be a locked door across from us. Fortunately they were oblivious to our presence and Phoenix was wise enough to have a Potion of Hide from Undead! Phoenix proceeded to scout the area while the Undead were unable to perceive him. After discovering that there were tons more of the minor undead in an adjoining room he decided on a course of action. First used his personal Ring that allows one Fireball a day on the undead in the room with us, taking all 35 of them into death again. Unfortunately he discovered the hard way that the door to the other hordes was jammed! As he desperately attempted to close the door large hordes of undead streamed obliviously past him into the room with us!

We heard a voice instructing the undead to destroy “the foolish priests”, presumably us. The first 20 or so undead into the room found that its not good to be first… I used one of the minor fireballs from my Necklace of fireballs to roast them! A few made it through only singed (mostly ghouls). From there it became rather amusing! Phoenix continued to try to close the door, but took a while due to the bone blocking the door as well as the blood around it causing some slippage. Meanwhile tons more undead poured into the room to engage us! Alexander bravely stepped into the middle of the room to draw their attention. Since he’s not a fool he quaffed a Potion of Mage Armor before the horde could get to him. I was quite relieved when I realized that none of the undead had spotted me and that they were having an extremely difficult time hitting Alex!

At this point chaos reigned around Alex and after a few seconds Phoenix was in the same position (after finally closing the door). Fortunately the rest of us had stayed mostly hidden and way back. Vash was even camped out at the other end of the hallway in the previous room! Relieved that I would not be mobbed as well I proceeded to prove why my Bow is perfect for my needs… With its additional effect upon undead I was able to slaughter the fleshy undead extremely quickly! Alex and Phoenix had a field day making a mess of the various undead piled around them while I picked apart their ranks from afar. Vash managed to make himself mildly useful by finishing off a few with his sling from down the hall… His current inability to use magic made anything more not possible. All told we destroyed 115 filthy undead in that room. I would be overjoyed except we knew that it was only the beginning!

After the large combat we proceeded to check the various other doors in the large room. We found a lone ghoul and some corpses in the first few rooms but the one that had been closest to my sniping spot was where things became hairy! Apparently we popped a magical seal of some sort when we opened the room and unleashed a Glabrezu demon! Terror gripped us all and stayed our hands from doing anything immediately. Fortunately for us the demon was mostly interested in the Wizard that had summoned him and the Priests that had bound him. After a brief discussion he decided it would be amusing to show me as a fool by tossing me through the door the undead had been trying to get through when we arrived! The reason I looked like a fool is that the door was actually an illusion! whew… The rest of the party hurried through claiming that we would happily look for the wizard he wanted. Unfortunately Vash wasn’t quite as wise… Instead he made an offer of his services to the demon if it would provide him with his lost soul (which was in the Abyss). The demon was obviously amused and immediately accepted the deal. Now Vash has his soul returned… but at what cost?!? I am not sure that I’m comfortable working with him now! Demons never allow you to get the better side of any deal!

Soon we will see what else is hiding in these catacombs… and possibly we will handle our now estranged party member.

Helm help us all

The blessed temple of Helm has been desecrated somehow. High Priest Caden went down into the catacombs to renew the sanctity of the land, but something has gone horribly wrong. The catacombs have filed with the unholy presence of the undead, and many of those who serve The Protector have fallen trying to keep the monsters at bay. I have no idea what could have caused the High Priest to falter – for that is the only thing that could have allowed this to happen – perhaps it is related to this balor, Baeron I believe his name was, that stole Vash’s soul. Whatever the reason, this hoard of undead attacking the temple must be stopped and whoever is responsible will be found and made to pay for their transgressions!

Message From Vash to the Temple of Sune in Calimport

Dear Beautiful priestesses of Sune in Calimport,

My companions and I have finally made it to Baulders Gate safely though the trip was trying. Milo and I managed to find some entertainment from the crew of the vessel. Already i long for all of you. If it wasn’t for my companions needs for my specialized skills i would be spending my time pleasuring each and everyone of you, but given the circumstances are what they are, that will have to wait till I return. As soon as we entered Baulders Gate we received word of an undead nuisance in the area. Maybe I can provide some assistance in freeing the tortured souls. I’m sure i could at least convince some of my companions of helping me in this matter, but for now we will have to find a solid place to rest and acquire our land bearings. May Sune provide each of you comfort till my return.

Love, from your magical half-elf, Vash of Kenshire

Escape from the Corrupted Fey

The party started out things right by sorting through the rather large amount of loot! After divvying up the various goodies we set off to find the clearing where the “sacrifices” were being held. As the Sidhe wasn’t around to ruin our fun Phoenix and Vash got a big party started with the various Satyrs and Fauns that were guarding the cages. Phoenix managed to convince the Fey that the various prisoners should join in on the party, goal! After a handful of failed attempts to get the Satyrs to find Milo’s stuff we decided we needed to get the hell out of there with what we had… (Most convincing was done on the fact that we had the Avariel’s stuff as proof that she wasn’t in charge anymore)

The party returned to the Naead’s clearing to determine what else should be done. After some discussion the recently awoken Elven Druid Tannis insisted that he be killed. This was a good, though unpleasant, course due to the Sidhe’s ritual requiring at least one of each type of creature from the original ritual to do his new one. We were pretty sure that the Avariel was the last Ranger, but we needed to be sure of the Druids if possible! Tannis chose to be killed along with his wife and the two other unconscious Druids in the underwater cave. The only remaining Druid was the Nymph Sassanna. We had no intentions of killing her against her will so instead she joined us!

After the unpleasant parting from the corrupted forest the party and the horde of rescues returned to Calimport. All of the would-be sacrifices were brought to Jed’s inn and taken care of as best we could. Basic provisions and such were given to each of them. Tune in next week for us possibly escaping this godforsaken desert finally!

Here's your update, where's my lootz

Massive battle, we rocked shit, the end…..

Oh yeah,

Erythll went and spoke with the Shit’ty and discovered his plan to uncorrupt the forest included a ritual that sounds a lot like necromancy (stealing lifeforce). Erythll didn’t like that to much. Phoenix wouldn’t really give a shit if the participation was willing, but it’s not. Vash might care if he weren’t busy molesting fey. Milo just wants his shit. Erythll woke up one of the rangers at the bottom of the lake and brought him back up. When he came around he explained some of the original ritual. There were 7 rangers, 7 druids, and 7 shea. One of each of them had to betray the original ritual and cause the corruption of the forest by making a pact with The Abyss. Just as we learned this they tried to take us prisoner and go forward with the sacrifice, which sounded like a good idea. But slaughtering the whole lot of them sounded like a better idea, so we did.


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