Erelbryn Ous'zynge

A half-drow with a penchant for getting herself and others in trouble.


She was raised in Skullport by a Vhaeraun-worshipping father, a drow that owns The Darkest Night (a tavern in Skullport). Her mother (a tavern wench) had died only a couple years after Erelbryn was born.

She enjoys adventuring and making the lives of other people “more interesting”. She leaves Skullport frequently and spends months on end in the Night Above, causing trouble and entertaining herself. She has an almost endless bag of magical tricks, though she does not seem to be much of a spellcaster in the traditional sense. It is quite possible that she is a thief or a rogue of some sort, but that is also unclear.

She is a informal member of the adventuring group “The Moontouched”. Miria, the leader of the Moontouched, seems to trust the half-drow almost implicitly, and Aevais, the youngest member of the Moontouched, seems to be in love with her. It is currently unknown if she returns his affections.

Erelbryn often causes more questions to be asked than ever get answered.

Erelbryn Ous'zynge

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