Young ranger from the Great Forest. Despises necromancy and everything to do with it!



Race: Wood Elf
Deity: Rillifane Rallathil
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Max HP: 61


  • Str: 12
  • Dex: 16
  • Con: 12
  • Int: 12
  • Wis: 13
  • Cha: 12

Temporary stuff

  • +2 Con (chaos taint)
  • +2 Saves vs Poison (chaos taint)
  • Circle of Protection, Law (chaos taint)


  • Fort: 7 [6]+1
  • Reflex: 12 [6]+3+1+2
  • Will: 5 [2]+1+2

Armor Class

  • Standard: 18 [13+2]
  • Touch: 15 [13]
  • Flat-Footed: 13
Weapon Name Attack Damage Critical Range Dmg. Type
+3 Longbow of Undead Bane +15/+9 (PBS +16/+10) 1d8 (PBS +1) x3 100’ P
Shocking Shortsword +9/+4 1d6+1 19-20×2 0 P/S
Sling +10/+3 1d4 x2 50’ B
Club +10/+3 1d5 x2 20’ B

_Only BAB and Ability scores have been added. Any other additions are in parenthesis with a designation to indicate what they’re from. Hence any bonuses added by the weapons themselves are not included.

Armor / Clothing / Base Equipment
  • Studded Leather armor of Spell Resist 15
  • Bracers of Archery, Lesser (+1 atk)
  • Gloves of Dexterity +4
  • Ioun Stone, Deep Red (+2 Dex)
  • Ring of Jumping, Minor
  • Necklace of Fireballs Type 3 & Type 4 [-2d6-4d6]
  • Quiver, Efficient

  • Endurance
  • Rapid Shot
  • Precise Shot
  • Manyshot
  • Point Blank Shot
  • Iron Will

  • Low-light Vision
  • Sleep spell Immune
  • +2 save vs Enchantment
  • Secret Door Finding
  • Track
  • Wild Empath
  • Favored Enemy: Undead
  • Favored Enemy: Magical Beasts (x2)
  • Woodland Stride
  • Swift Tracker

  • Common
  • Elven


1st level
  • Speak with Animals
  • Entangle
  • Jump
2nd level
  • Curse of Arrow Attraction (PHB2 pg.109)


  • Quiver
  • Flint & Steel
  • Healer’s kit
  • Steel Mirror
  • Rope, Silk (50’)
  • Waterskins (5)
  • Trail Rations (2 wks)
  • Torches (3)
  • Manticore Spines (3)
  • Netting
  • Arrows (120)
  • Silver Arrows (55)
  • Unholy Arrows (10)
  • Holy Arrows (9)
  • Fire Arrows (10)
  • Shock Arrows (10)
  • Ice Arrows (10)
  • Sling Bullets (10)
Limited use (non-potion
  • Wand of Cure Light (12 charges)
  • Wand of False Life (22 charges)
  • Wand of Cat’s Grace (33 charges)
  • Tanglefoot bag (2)
  • Caltrops
  • Holy Water (1)
  • Oil (3)
  • Acid Vial (2)
  • Bag of Tricks, gray
Potions and such
  • Cure Light pot x4
  • Sanctuary pot
  • Rage pot
  • Oil of Magic Stone x2
  • Mage Armor pot x3
  • Blur pot
  • Darkvision pot x3
  • Spider Climb pot x2
  • Remove Curse pot
  • Cure Moderate pot x3
  • Neutralize Poison pot
  • Reduce Person Pot x4
  • Enlarge Person pot
  • Levitate pot
  • Hide from Undead pot
Magic stuff
  • Divine Scroll (1st) Harm, Endurance, Obscuring Mist
  • Climb: 1 [1]
  • Concentration: 3 [1]
  • Craft, Fletcher: 4 [3]
  • Handle Animal: 7 [6]
  • Heal: 2 [1]
  • Hide: 10 [5]
  • Jump: 1 [1]
  • Knowledge, Dungeon: 4 [3]
  • Knowledge, Geography: 5 [4]
  • Knowledge, Nature: 5 [4]
  • Listen: 8 [7]
  • Move Silently: 12 [7]
  • Ride: 8 [2]
  • Search: 4 [3]
  • Sense Motive: 2 [2]
  • Spellcraft: 2 [2]
  • Spot: 9 [8]
  • Survival: 8 [7]
  • Swim: 0 [1]
  • Tumble: 7 [2]
  • Use Magic Device: 2 [2]
  • Use Rope: 7 [1]

Utterly despises everything to do with Necromancy!h4.

  • Inthrenar and Erthyll’s dad are old adventuring buddies. Dad is a Fighter/Ranger while Inthrenar is a high level wizard
  • Inthrenar ganks a number of Necromancer’s tomes over the years and hordes them up. After going into retirement he starts studying them in earnest and becomes a proficient necro. Keeps everything well hidden for numerous years
  • Erthyll’s older sister Aeronyll has a crush on Inthrenar Follows him around all moonstruck only to discover that Inthrenar has been studying Necromancy and has just summoned a big nasty undead. Undead detects her which leads to Inthrenar sending a lightning bolt into her hidey hole. She dies…
  • Inthrenar animates her and moves her to a protected location with the intention of covering it up… somehow
  • Erthyll and sis are very close. He is privy to the fact that she has a big crush on Inthrenar and she had even told him when she went out to follow him. Erthyll brings this up with his dad while another mage is present. This other mage has had some niggling suspicions about Inthrenar for years so he prepares for the worst.
  • Inthrenar is asked to do the scrying to find her and comes up with a story about what happened to her. Unfortunately another elf present is suspicious and is using magic to detect lies. Gets busted, summons some undead and makes a big mess on his way out. Erthyll is almost killed in this mess by some of the undead. Saved by dad. Everyone but the mage is caught off guard so many elves are injured/killed.
  • Inthrenar manages to just barely escape using a pre-arranged fallback plan. Manages to disapear completely.
  • Erthyll feels horribly betrayed and becomes obsessed with learning about how to deal with Necromancy and undead. Decides that he must go out into the world. Betrayal/backstabbing is now an even bigger deal to him, it had not even occurred to him that such things could happen.
  • Erthyll spends about a year preparing to go out into the world learning everything that he can. Then he sets out with the intention of stamping down betrayal and necromancy wherever he finds either. Is very intent upon not letting the betrayal destroy his ability to work with a team, but he is still a bit paranoid.
Calimshan additions
  • Due to feeling helpless while his companions were almost dying Erthyll is determined to learn from Vash and Milo how to use wonderful devices like Wands of Healing!
  • The experiences of first having to trade out bows for practicality sake and then breaking his bow in the dungeon has led him to start brainstorming on how to never be caught without a weapon as well as trying to be prepared with multiple ones for different situations
  • The realization that things like Black Puddings exist mixed with his own knowledge of undead has led Erthyll to give in and get some weapons that can handle them! He never felt all that comfortable with any blunt weapons growing up though he was given basic training in them. Now he is determined to be prepared and finally use that training
  • Brainstorming on the ability to cause damage problem has led to Erthyll remembering his earlier childhood years before he was old enough to use a real bow. He had been a master with the Sling! He had almost completely stopped using one simply because he adored the Bow. It had never really crossed his mind that a sling might work well as a ranged blunt instrument, but this latest encounter has finally caused the connection to be made in his head… Now he can hurt almost anything from a distance, well at least after he’s gone to town.
Journey to Chult
  • Asking around about known ways to effectively carry numerous bows/arrows/etc extremely efficiently (I’m fishing for rumours of an Efficient Quiver)
  • Always keeping an eye and ear out for rumours of any undead or necromancers.
  • Asking occasional questions about a Wood Elf mage by the name of “Inthrenar”
  • Practicing skills in bow, sling, martial arts and club
  • Fiddling with some extra arrows and such to see how they are assembled and attempt to determine better ways.
  • Asking for tips from any fletchers he runs across
  • Acting as a scout for the caravan (doing sneaky things and being hyper-aware of his surroundings)

After… (to come)


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