By the Light of Selune

What is happening to me

Ever since I began praying to release Shar’s hold on the Temple of Helm in Baldur’s Gate, strange things have been happening. First off, when Erthyll came in to tell me they were going, I knew someone was coming before he walked in. I attributed it to me perhaps hearing something without realizing it. Then, when we met up with the rest of the party, it was like I could feel approximately where most of them were in relation to me. Vash especially I could tell where he was the others (except Gigadi) I could tell someone was there but not who. In the next room, we found someone’s pet, a displacer beast named “Kitty.” Instead of feeling anger toward it and it’s master (one of the Sharites invading the Temple), I felt a strange sort of bond with the animal. Erthyll seems to like the creature as well and adopted it. in the last room of the Catacombs, we found a mass slaughter of the Sharite priests by what could have been a beholder and a massive portal. Phoenix decided to waltz through the portal and was lucky I came after him immediately as there was a huge cliff just on the other side that I had to help keep him from falling off of. We found ourselves far up in the mountains of the north with no way back, and it was very, very cold. After getting off the cliff and walking for a few hours, we ran into a very powerful werewolf and his pack of wolves. Strangely enough, I was also able to the same sense of wrongness emanating from the werewolf as I had from my friends. Also, when the lycanthrope hit me the wounds he inflicted were not as serious as they should have been. I am not sure what is happening to me, but it is obviously for the good of Helm.



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