By the Light of Selune

Strange Bedfellows

As more players show their hand, we cannot deny that Shaundukal has placed us all on roads to the same destination, but who's roads will lead through where, and what is our destination?

What a freaking day. If I would have known I’d have to fight hordes of undead with a hangover, I never would have drank so much the night before… Yeah right, who am I kidding. After daming up the endless river of undead and watching the pretty boy make a deal with a devil, we traveled further into the Catacombs of Helm. We didn’t get very far before Milo finally decided to catch up with us. It seems he had a hangover as well in the form of a weird little gnome with a ridiculous name. Hampoodle Biggity Blah, or whatever his name is, was a crass, goofy little trickster with an odd smell. This along with the fact that I’d have another hand at making fun of Vash and Erythll made me like him instantly. Oh yeah, his skills as a druid are kind of handy as well.

Once we got acquainted with our newest midget, we continued deeper downward encountering room after room of undead. At first we tried to clear all the rooms, but we almost underestimated one potential encounter after Hammy failed to see some shadows or wraiths that Milo’s tweaked-out flying music-box fortunately did. After that we had to square-off against a group of ghouls and mummies that almost got Milo. This was followed up by a surprise attack by some twisted ghosts of former clerics who we dispatched with ease. These corpses seemed to be corrupted with holy symbols of Shar! Holy crap-in-box this may be EVEN BIGGER than we imagined. After that, we took a brief rest and a huge meal before continuing. Between saving Milo from mummy rot and the feast, Erythll hot little gothic piece is pretty useful. As much as I wouldn’t mind, I don’t think I could bring myself to tap that though. I mean damn, Ertyhll is looking pretty rough these days. I think it’s his first and all, but I shouldn’t have to tell something 100 years older than me that some tail isn’t worth chasing. Only some though. Oh crap, I’m getting side tracked…

After our rest we found a room with several zombies with vestments of Shar standing in a circle. Several members of our party heard shadowy whispers and chants when sticking our head into the room. Pretty sure the zombies should have noticed our presence and attacked, but didn’t. Even when Erthyll and Alex jumped the gun and started attacking them, they still didn’t budge. About the time I strolled in to bail them out we realized there were shadows and wraiths in the room. One of the whispers went deep and convinced me to put try and snuff our light. While Erthyll and Alex were busy wasting time killing shit that wasn’t attacking us, the rest of the party wasn’t as inept. Sasanna lit up one of the wraiths and Milo did a shorty bum rush of light and illuminated the room to where the others couldn’t hide either. Awesome as his diminutive battlecry was, he almost got himself touched and hugged in a way that’s worse than his creepy uncle did back on the Shire. Luckily Feyboob the Black saved his ass again by putting a pillar of flaming vengance up his creepy ass.

After the whisper left my head and Erthyll and Alex stopped dillying around, we made short work of remaining shades. No matter what we did the undead did not attack. We slayed them for good measure and burned the vastments of Shar. In this room we also found a giant magic holy symbol of that vile witch set into the floor. It had to have been here for a while, but how did the Priests of Helm miss this?

More coming…..



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