By the Light of Selune

Message From Vash to the Temple of Sune in Calimport

Dear Beautiful priestesses of Sune in Calimport,

My companions and I have finally made it to Baulders Gate safely though the trip was trying. Milo and I managed to find some entertainment from the crew of the vessel. Already i long for all of you. If it wasn’t for my companions needs for my specialized skills i would be spending my time pleasuring each and everyone of you, but given the circumstances are what they are, that will have to wait till I return. As soon as we entered Baulders Gate we received word of an undead nuisance in the area. Maybe I can provide some assistance in freeing the tortured souls. I’m sure i could at least convince some of my companions of helping me in this matter, but for now we will have to find a solid place to rest and acquire our land bearings. May Sune provide each of you comfort till my return.

Love, from your magical half-elf, Vash of Kenshire



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