By the Light of Selune

Escape from the Corrupted Fey

The party started out things right by sorting through the rather large amount of loot! After divvying up the various goodies we set off to find the clearing where the “sacrifices” were being held. As the Sidhe wasn’t around to ruin our fun Phoenix and Vash got a big party started with the various Satyrs and Fauns that were guarding the cages. Phoenix managed to convince the Fey that the various prisoners should join in on the party, goal! After a handful of failed attempts to get the Satyrs to find Milo’s stuff we decided we needed to get the hell out of there with what we had… (Most convincing was done on the fact that we had the Avariel’s stuff as proof that she wasn’t in charge anymore)

The party returned to the Naead’s clearing to determine what else should be done. After some discussion the recently awoken Elven Druid Tannis insisted that he be killed. This was a good, though unpleasant, course due to the Sidhe’s ritual requiring at least one of each type of creature from the original ritual to do his new one. We were pretty sure that the Avariel was the last Ranger, but we needed to be sure of the Druids if possible! Tannis chose to be killed along with his wife and the two other unconscious Druids in the underwater cave. The only remaining Druid was the Nymph Sassanna. We had no intentions of killing her against her will so instead she joined us!

After the unpleasant parting from the corrupted forest the party and the horde of rescues returned to Calimport. All of the would-be sacrifices were brought to Jed’s inn and taken care of as best we could. Basic provisions and such were given to each of them. Tune in next week for us possibly escaping this godforsaken desert finally!



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