By the Light of Selune

The Cleansing has begun

Undead hordes and demons, Oh My!

This is unacceptable! My companions and I have descended into the initial sections of the Catacombs of Helm under Baldur’s Gate… Only to find horrifying scenes of slaughter and a horde of undead!

The first few rooms contained only horrifying remains of the valorous Priests who had fallen. The main foyer area however was far from empty… a small mob of undead (Skeletons, Zombies and Ghouls) were simply milling around in front of what appeared to be a locked door across from us. Fortunately they were oblivious to our presence and Phoenix was wise enough to have a Potion of Hide from Undead! Phoenix proceeded to scout the area while the Undead were unable to perceive him. After discovering that there were tons more of the minor undead in an adjoining room he decided on a course of action. First used his personal Ring that allows one Fireball a day on the undead in the room with us, taking all 35 of them into death again. Unfortunately he discovered the hard way that the door to the other hordes was jammed! As he desperately attempted to close the door large hordes of undead streamed obliviously past him into the room with us!

We heard a voice instructing the undead to destroy “the foolish priests”, presumably us. The first 20 or so undead into the room found that its not good to be first… I used one of the minor fireballs from my Necklace of fireballs to roast them! A few made it through only singed (mostly ghouls). From there it became rather amusing! Phoenix continued to try to close the door, but took a while due to the bone blocking the door as well as the blood around it causing some slippage. Meanwhile tons more undead poured into the room to engage us! Alexander bravely stepped into the middle of the room to draw their attention. Since he’s not a fool he quaffed a Potion of Mage Armor before the horde could get to him. I was quite relieved when I realized that none of the undead had spotted me and that they were having an extremely difficult time hitting Alex!

At this point chaos reigned around Alex and after a few seconds Phoenix was in the same position (after finally closing the door). Fortunately the rest of us had stayed mostly hidden and way back. Vash was even camped out at the other end of the hallway in the previous room! Relieved that I would not be mobbed as well I proceeded to prove why my Bow is perfect for my needs… With its additional effect upon undead I was able to slaughter the fleshy undead extremely quickly! Alex and Phoenix had a field day making a mess of the various undead piled around them while I picked apart their ranks from afar. Vash managed to make himself mildly useful by finishing off a few with his sling from down the hall… His current inability to use magic made anything more not possible. All told we destroyed 115 filthy undead in that room. I would be overjoyed except we knew that it was only the beginning!

After the large combat we proceeded to check the various other doors in the large room. We found a lone ghoul and some corpses in the first few rooms but the one that had been closest to my sniping spot was where things became hairy! Apparently we popped a magical seal of some sort when we opened the room and unleashed a Glabrezu demon! Terror gripped us all and stayed our hands from doing anything immediately. Fortunately for us the demon was mostly interested in the Wizard that had summoned him and the Priests that had bound him. After a brief discussion he decided it would be amusing to show me as a fool by tossing me through the door the undead had been trying to get through when we arrived! The reason I looked like a fool is that the door was actually an illusion! whew… The rest of the party hurried through claiming that we would happily look for the wizard he wanted. Unfortunately Vash wasn’t quite as wise… Instead he made an offer of his services to the demon if it would provide him with his lost soul (which was in the Abyss). The demon was obviously amused and immediately accepted the deal. Now Vash has his soul returned… but at what cost?!? I am not sure that I’m comfortable working with him now! Demons never allow you to get the better side of any deal!

Soon we will see what else is hiding in these catacombs… and possibly we will handle our now estranged party member.



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