By the Light of Selune

As Chaos Surrounds Us, We Must Be Ever More Vigilant

Have my friends gone nuts?

Vash sold his services indefinitely to a demon for an “easy” way of getting his soul back. I will have to watch him closely from now on. I have already seen some changes in him; hopefully, he will not fall under the demon’s control I would hate to have to put him down.

Phoenix tried to turn out the lights to allow some Shadows to kill us easer, though thankfully it seemed to be a temporary madness and the blow I gave him knocked some sense into him. After that, when we find that the twins who helped us in Calimport where actually succubi, Phoenix makes deals with them (though he seems to think otherwise). Then he expects us to trust them.

High Priest Michael insults Mask when he comes to give warning of the coming danger. Admittedly, the thief should have been more polite in his warnings, but perhaps he had no time for standard protocol.

Milo races across a room with an indeterminate number of Shadows in it and nearly gets killed by one of them. Fortunately, Sasanna was able to call down fire and burn it to oblivion before the vile beast could finish the job.

At least Erthyll is still reliable, I must admit I was concerned when I first saw the taint, but he remains rather unchanged. His bow is truly amazing at destroying undead and his aim is always true. We have learned, albeit through shady sources, that the necromancer he is hunting (who supposedly turned into a Lich) is one of the ones that desecrated the temple. As if there was not already enough reason to hunt down that lawless traitor.

Our newest member, Hamnoodle Gigidy Teren, has proven himself to be both a good companion and a trickster. A Gnomish Druid far from his homelands, he seems to have a level head on his shoulders most of the time. As long as he does not go too far with his pranks, he should be an excellent companion.

I have taken another task upon my shoulders, to desecrate Shaar’s blasphemy that was set up within the holy catacombs. Once this is done, I must seek out the High Priest in Waterdeep to warn him of the danger. The Vigilant One guide us all as we walk through these troubled times.



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