By the Light of Selune


Here's your update, where's my lootz

Massive battle, we rocked shit, the end…..

Oh yeah,

Erythll went and spoke with the Shit’ty and discovered his plan to uncorrupt the forest included a ritual that sounds a lot like necromancy (stealing lifeforce). Erythll didn’t like that to much. Phoenix wouldn’t really give a shit if the participation was willing, but it’s not. Vash might care if he weren’t busy molesting fey. Milo just wants his shit. Erythll woke up one of the rangers at the bottom of the lake and brought him back up. When he came around he explained some of the original ritual. There were 7 rangers, 7 druids, and 7 shea. One of each of them had to betray the original ritual and cause the corruption of the forest by making a pact with The Abyss. Just as we learned this they tried to take us prisoner and go forward with the sacrifice, which sounded like a good idea. But slaughtering the whole lot of them sounded like a better idea, so we did.



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